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Cedars Lebanese Restaurant serves the finest Mediterranean Cuisine in Leicester

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Cedars Lebanese Takeaway Menu

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1 Soup of the Day £3.95
(Choose from either Lentil, Vegetable or Chicken)


Mixed Mezzes Plater ( Plate of 8 Starters ) £8.50
(Hummus, Moutabal, Warak Inab, Tabouleh, spicy potato , Falafel, Fatayer, Sambousek meat)

2 V Garlic Bread £1.50
Lebanese bread, served hot with garlic, butter and parsley

3 V Hummus £4.25
Chickpeas pureed with sesame paste, lemon juice and a touch of garlic

4 V Moutabal £4.95
Grilled Aubergine pureed with sesame paste, lemon juice, and a touch of garlic

5 V Warak Inab Bezeit £4.95
Vine Leaf rolls with rice, tomato, onion, mint, lemon juice and olive oil

6 V Labneh £3.75
Condensed yoghurt, served with olive oil and dried mint

7 V Kabiss £2.50
A special selection of Lebanese pickled vegetables

8 V Makdous £3.50
Pickled baby aubergine, stuffed with walnut, chilli garlic and vinegar

9 V Rahib £5.50
Grilled aubergine, green and red peppers, onions, tomatoes, and parsley dressed with lemon juice, olive oil, and a hint of garlic

10 V Loubieh Bezeit £4.95
Green beans, cooked with tomatoes, onions garlic and olive oil

11 V Bamieh Bezeit £4.95
Okra cooked with tomatoes, onions, coriander. garlic and olive oil

12 V Foul Medames £3.50
Broad beans and chickpeas, cooked with lemon juice, olive oil and garlic

13 V Mousakaa Bezeit £4.95
Fried aubergine, with tomato, onions, green and red pepper, and chickpeas

14 V Hummus Beiruty £4.50
Puree of chickpeas, with green chilli, garlic, parsley, sesame paste, olive oil, and lemon juice


16 V Falafel £4.50
Broad Beans, Chickpeas, coriander, red pepper and mixed spices

17 V Batata Harra £3.95
Fried cubes of potato, served with garlic onions, Green chilli, coriander and pepper

18 Hummus Kawarma £5.95
Puree of chickpeas, served with sliced lamb, and Pine kenels

19 Jawaneh £3.75
Grilled or fried chicken wings, sautéed in a Provencal sauce

20 Kebbeh Meklieh £4.75
Lamb and cracked wheat shells filled with seasoned minced lamb and pine kennels

21 V Kallaj £4.95
Grilled pita filled with goat cheese, served with tomato, cucumber and lettuce

22 Arayess £4.95
Grilled pita filled with kofta served with sliced lemon, lettuce and tomato

23 V Balila £3.50
Chickpeas salad served with Provencal dressing

24 Sambousek Meat £4.95
Fried pastry parcels, filled with seasoned minced meat.

25 V Sambousek Cheese £4.95
Fried pastry parcels, filled with feta and halloumi cheese, onions and parsley

26 H Sujuk £5.50
Lebanese spicy sausages, cooked with tomato sauce and green chillies

27 Makanek £5.50
Lebanese sausages, flamed and flavoured with lemon juice

28 V Rkakaat £4.95
Lebanese filo pastry, filled with mixed vegetables
29 Hummus Shawarma Lamb £5.50
Hummus topped with shawarma lamb

30 Hummus Shawarma Chicken £5.50
Hummus topped with shawarma chicken

31 V Fatayer £4.95
Oven baked Filo pastry, filled with spinach, onion, lemon juice, and pine kennels.

32 V Halloumi Cheese £4.95
Grilled Cypriot cheese, served with cucumber and tomato

33 Sawda Dajaj £3.50
Marinated chicken liver, flamed in lemon juice, garlic and pomegranate

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